How Good Is Your Portuguese?

Are you tired of only studying grammar?
Do you want to learn how to speak in Portuguese?
Pegasus Idiomas is offering special
Portuguese classes for foreigners.


Pegasus Idiomas is not your ordinary language school.
Our unique methodology has proven to be the most effective way to learn portuguese. Pegasus
Idiomas offers the following:
Conversation! Conversation! Conversation!
Classes are available for all levels.
Business Portuguese for executives.
Dynamic classes conducted only in Portuguese.
Classes are also held outside of the traditional classroom (i.e. in restaurants, supermarkets, shopping
malls, etc). Learning through practice.
Multiple teachers give lessons to students in order to provide students with different accents and
different voices.
Flexible hours
Don’t waste any more time.
Call 3253 1166 to schedule a free class.
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Unidade Campinas: (19) 3253 1166